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    Hi all,

    because my old Jabra BT800 is developing short battery life, I decided to buy a new headset and stayed with the same brand buying the Jabra WAVE+, thinking nothing could go wrong and things possibly might have improved over the time.

    However I now have severe skips, stutters, and distortions via the headset *if* I have Wifi enabled at the same time on my Pre3. If Wifi is disabled, the sound quality is excellent.

    In the past I did not have to disable Wifi with neither the old Jabra BT800 nor in my Audi A3 and the sound did not skip, stutter, or distort.

    Any ideas what might be wrong?

    Is it, that the other headsets did not use A2DP and the new WAVE+ does and the Pre3 is not powerful enough to maintain the necessary bandwidth if Wifi is enabled at the same time?

    Any hints are very welcome!
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    Deinstall any Disk-cache mods and it will do
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    I have not (and never had) installed any disk cache mods. I have however installed UberKernel and Govnah.

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