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    hoping like mad that some one here can help me adjust to my Pre3.
    I'm coming from the android platform. I always hade a thing for the palm pre but also found the keyboard too small for my fat fingers. I watched the launch of the Pre 3 and thought I'd like one, but as I had just bought the iPhone 3gs at the time i didn't go down that road.
    Here i am some three years later and find that the Pre3 can be bought quite reasonably from eBay so i took a trip down the nostalgic path and bought a brand new one. The problem is I love it. the Web OS is still great and quite refreshing really. Ok so the screen is a little smaller than i'm used too (Galaxy Nexus) but overall the build quality is really good (compared to the original Pre anyway).
    So here's where you might be able to help me keep this phone. I have grown used to the android platform but still don't use half the apps i have. I use Twitter and Facebook, but i also use the Kindle app a lot. If i could find a reasonable twitter app and a way to read my kindle books i might be able to hang on to this for a while. a good news reader would be good too.
    I've tried trawling through the app stores on here, but am having a tough time trying to find something.
    Any recommendations? what do you use?

    thanks in advance

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    I'm a little rusty here but look for McCaw or Sparrow for twitter.
    For Kindle, there should be a kindle beta app, workable but not updated with new features as the TouchPad was killed so abruptly in infancy and Pre3 killed while it was emerging from the womb.
    People also took the pdf app and made a homebrew pdf viewer (google for it) that has more features.
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    I think Macaw (in Preware) works for twitter. There's a bunch of stuff in the catalogue, but I think there was an API change and I don't know what is up to date. I'm sure someone will chip in with better info.

    For books, there is pReader / pReader native. I use it for the old books that used to work in mobipocket from my palm. I don't know of a dedicated Kindle app, but I hear there is a desktop program called Calibre that can convert book formats. Hopefully this can convert what you have to a format pReader can use, but I don't know about any DRM type issues.

    Facebook was built in, but I assume it no longer works - you might as well try the synergy. Again, I expect someone else will have better info.

    Also, try here:
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    Add a custom feed in Preware for the latest Project Macaw release. The url is

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    For Facebook, I recommend simply using their mobile website. It's practically the same as the Android app.

    You should be able to bookmark it and create a shortcut to it in your launcher for quick access. Hope this helps!
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    Kindle exists only for the Touchpad, I cannot remember seeing a solution to use the kindle programm on one of our phones, so indeed you would need to try one of the other mentioned solutions.

    Facebook, the app still works, for a lot of things, but sometimes it will open the web instead of staying in the app.
    Facebook, synergy account, also works fine, getting your contacts into your phone.
    The website mentioned,, works great, make sure to us https and setup your facebook account to always use https (do we still need to?)

    Twitter.. Project Macaw!
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    if you want a visually nicer solution for facebook and some more Kilobytes doesn't matter to you, then use
    I use it every day.
    It looks like a native app and you can add it to your launcher
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    Sparrow doesn't seem to work anymore for my pre2 sometime this week or last week. I was using free version then paid for paid version but still no go. I tried to email the dev but didn't go through. I have had trouble installing macaw and get some errors.
    My list of apps is dwindling as things break. At least browser won't break. I tried universal browser but not sure it is worth effort. I find it interesting that people are going to Pre 2 or 3 or veer now. Come next renewal I'll switch to android I suppose.
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    Oh, install preware and get google maps app. Works well. Only downside is slowness which may be better on pre 3 than pre 2 (which I have)
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    Wow, plenty to go on.
    Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll go and have a look

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    Something else to consider might be searching the forums to see if someone has posted the kindle ipk file for the touchpad. You could try sideloading it to your Pre with webOS QuickInstaller, or with the additional help of App Tuckerbox from Preware.
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    welcome to webOS, you will definitely enjoy your experience that pre 3 offers and the hardware quality totally agree with you completely and lets not forget the display is just top notch. After a few months of using your webOS, I'm sure you forget about the horrible experience of android is and stick with webOS as your first choice of phone.

    anyway to answer your questions, your best newsfeed application is headlines in the app catalog and don't forget to download Preware to your phone and install Google Maps. Also for easier typing on your phone download the app Quick-Keys keyboard to your pre 3 device(best investment that anyone can do).

    best of luck....
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