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    when i last visited afghanistan we actually got told not to use our mobile phones and use the normal phones instead as they said there was the chance our mobiles werent secure for voice calls, np for data/other comms ofc.

    that being said many just changed their sims and used them anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    unless you're Afghani, i'm sorry to hear you're in Afghanistan. I hope you get out soon.

    unfortunately, Sprint + GSM "does not compute". In the US, Sprint is CDMA and their phones don't have SIM cards here. I don't know what kind of service Sprint offers internationally, but it seems you're saying they offer GSM service, which i'm pretty sure is the standard internationally and that may explain why they have it there.

    with GSM, its also critical which band (Mhz) your carrier uses and the phone can receive. Example: in the US, T-Mobile has proprietary access to the 1700Mhz band, so only T-Mobile branded phones bother to include a receiver for that band, and T-Mo puts their best service on that band to maintain the exclusivity which allows them to profit from handset sales.

    i can't imagine why you'd need to reprovision a phone so often. why would a phone "lose" the required settings? it should be saved to the SIM. i can't imagine why a webOS phone would behave differently from the Motorola you have, if they're receiving the carrier on the same band....unless you have a defective unit of course. then yeah, a non-broken phone would work better than a broken one. (obviously)

    you may find more info on a Sprint forum in a nearby country, so search for something like that. particularly if you don't have access to carrier service center there to diagnose your phone and determine if you only need a new SIM card or a reflashing of the device.

    good luck, and take care of yourself over there.
    Sprint DOES actually have a few phones which are both cdma and GSM. They do actually accept SIM cards. They are locked down in the US, but once you leave, the GSM portion unlocks. Unless of course you buy it unlocked or hack it. This is what this guy has, one of the select cdma/gsm Sprint phones. A perfect example of another one would be Sprints iPhone 5. In fact quite a few of Sprints phones use a SIM for its LTE portion.

    I'm guessing, being its not a native GSM phone and more so a cdma phone, its probably crap when it comes to keeping SIM apn settings and such. He probably would be better off with a full GSM ONLY phone, like a Pre 3 in order for things to work more smoother for him.
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