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    My Pre 3 would run for well over a day on a battery charge. For the past two days I can't get the phone/battery to last for more than a half a day. Today, after just 3 hours off the touchstone charger, it's at 34% and I've done hardly anything on the phone.

    I've turned it completely off, removed the battery ... multiple luna restarts ... and still the same issue.

    The only thing that has changed, that I'm aware of ... is AT&T turned on LTE service in our area.

    Could that be causing the fast(er) batter drain? Or something else. Any suggestions/help? Thanks.
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    Turning on LTE shouldn't have an effect, unless the HSPA is refarmed for LTE, which shouldn't be the case since AT&T LTE is on AWS.
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    Perhaps the phone isn't going to sleep properly? If that's the case, on the commandline you would see multiple messages from powerd, saying that the phone is preparing to standby and then waking up again, all within a few seconds of you turning off the screen, while a "terminal" app like wTerm is open. You could try Nodoze and see if this improves battery life.

    If you believe the problem is on the AT&T side, you could try re-provisioning (i forgot how it's done, but it only takes a minute)

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