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    Today I tried to install the new app catalog only to find that every time i attempted to it would fail.
    any ideas as to why? not just the update but any new apps will no longer install i am connected to WiFi can still browse the net, and watch youtube videos, but am seemingly no longer able download from the catalog.
    Please help!
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    Is the time/date set correctly? That's usually the first thing to check...
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    Have you tried downloading via 3g instead?

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    after all this community has been through still awesome as ever! Thank you! The time zone was the issue
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    I'm trying to update the mandatory App Catalog update on my Mom's Touchpad and it's not working. The first time I tapped it, it immediately told me that there was not enough storage to download. The TP has 11GB of free space so that's not the real problem. Now, it doesn't even give me an option to download and when I touch the App Catalog icon, it tries to open index.html in the web browser and then says: Error, Unable to resolve host.

    I've tried restarting multiple times and the date, time and time zone are all correct.

    Please help!

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