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    My second Pre 3 ceased connecting to the cellular network a few months ago, so I gave up on it and bought a Nexus 4. I'm now thoroughly sick of the ill-designed mess that is the Android UI, and am desperate to get back to the elegance and ease of use of the WebOS UI.

    Is there a reliable, professional repair service that anyone can recommend?

    Thanks for any tips.
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    No suggestions and I'm not a techie, but if you can describe the details, you might be able to track down a techie somewhere on this forum that can help?

    1. Does GPS work, Does Bluetooth Work, Does WiFi work.
    2. Which network... etc,

    Sorry I can't help...
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    I can't help either, but I will recommend that if you can't get your HP Pre 3 to work that you should go with an iOS or Windows Phone OS device. Both are much more smooth than Android OS (or, to be honest, webOS, though webOS UI is better than iOS'; WP OS user interface is different than webOS but also quite good IMO).

    Other notable devices:
    Windows laptops: Asus VivoBook X202E (Windows 8), HP Pavilion g4-1215dx (Windows 7)
    Chromebooks: Samsung Chromebook XE303
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    I remember reading something a few months ago that mentioned a company in the UK, which repaired cell phones. Perhaps someone here could dig up that post.
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    my sound quit... doctoring without much hope ...don't use headphone so not likely stuck ...very sad...

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