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    I just received my NIB Pre 3, I'm currently on Pre 2. I would like to keep everything from the Pre 2. Text messages, current apps, data to go with the apps. Any and all steps needed and appreciated. I've plugged up the phone on the charger, set dev mode on, looked in the device info and get for version HPwebOS 2.2.4

    Thanks again from Zapz
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    When I went from Pre 2 to Pre 3 in December, text messages and current app came straight onto the Pre 3 from the HP backup service as long as you use the same Palm profile. Install Save & Restore on the Pre 2 and run that, then copy the saverestore folder over to the Pre3 via a computer
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    Finally got it to connect through verizon. on my own. Without the Verizon chat chic. Now I can't get it to do backups or even allow it to sign in to mr palm profile. Dr. First use keeps coming up. I would like to transfer all my texts and programs over. Old one is in airplane mode. new is on Verizon service. Thanks for any help or pointers to pages.

    Thanks Again.
    I also copied my whole Pre 2 to a drive onmy puter....
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    Don't know anything about Verizon (I'm in the UK) but don't you need to go through first use to log into your Palm profile? As long as your Pre 2 has been doing standard backups to your profile, the Pre 3 should just transfer all texts and apps after you've logged into the same profile.

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