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    If anybody is in the GTA area and having this problem with the Mugen, feel free to contact me to swap batteries to try, willing to help to identify if it's a bad batch or something.
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    Below is an email recived today from a 'Dmitry' @ Mugen and my reply.
    This is quite positive and I would encourage anyone experiencing glitches with
    these units to respond directly, even if you should not actually recieve contact from Mugen as suggested here.

    Please see also @:


    Dear (Mutoidi),

    Thank you for your email!

    We will send over a email to all Pre3 owners with our batteries and ask about this - this seems to be a very odd issue. Please ask anyone who has it to contact us directly so we can handle the issue according to our warranty procedure.

    Please contact me if you need any additional info: sales @

    Best Regards,


    Dear Dmitry,

    Thank you for your positive response.
    Yes.. there appear to be a couple of very 'odd' issues indeed specifically linked to the HP Pre3 and particularly this most recent batch of Mugen HLI-PRE3SL 1400mAh Batteries.
    I will post your message on the webOS Nation Forum for any other members there experiencing these issues, to respond to directly.
    It has been suggested there that the battery configuration/control chip/circuitry is possibly not communicating correctly with the Pre3's A6 power management firmware in webOS V 2.2.4.

    Best Regards & Thanks...


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    I can confirm this.
    Pre3, died repeatedly when I took flash photos. Even with a fully charged battery, firing the flash renders the device dead within a heartbeat.

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    Just noticed this thread when kulf resurrected it. For what it is worth I have been using a Mugen 1400 wuth my Pre3 since it (the Mugen) was first released and not had any problem. Sounds like a bad batch issue to me or something else very mysterious.
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    This may have been previously covered in this thread but has anyone who has had this issue tried it with the stock battery or when plugged in to see if there is a difference?

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    I came to the conclusion a while ago that it was a bad batch Mugen in my case. I haven't sent mine back for replacement as I wasn't sure I'd get one not from the same batch as customer support weren't very reassuring.

    I am back on my 50% health stock battery and all is well apart from bad battery life.
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