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    its sad how i love my pre 3 but an unfortunate event led me to thinking its time i sell this peace of beauty... it fell off to the floor screen first about 4 ft high and whats changed is that, when viewed by the side, the screen is no longer inclined, it looks like a flat surface now, and it feels like it might fall apart shall another drop that high happens.. i'm considering getting a pre 2 but hell its more inclined than the pre 3. if it falls that way then its gonna fall apart again... i will try to post pictures next time.

    anyone else has a solution? i wanna try to open the phone up and tighten things but i'm afraid i might damage it even more lol
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    inclined ?? huh ?? pre3 screen is flat, FLAT !! Did I say, flat ?
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    pics please
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    dunno if i made myself clear with that lol.. but palm pre's to hp pre 3's have their screen inclined when raised while other slider phones are just flat.. anyone noticed that?
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    I suppose you mean that the part of the phone that contains the screen is angled toward you when the slider is open so that it appears to fit the contour of your face. Right?

    This is true with the pre and pre2 but I don't know about pre3 and veer but the veer looked more flat to me in the store. Never seen a pre3.

    Anyway you saying you dropped the phone and now it doesn't have that angle you are used to, now it's more like a blackberry or any other phone when open.

    Actually I'm surprised the slider still works, I would take it apart if I were you. But yeah, I really enjoy talking on a pre series phone with the slider open with the top half being angled forward, and the balance feels just right
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    Yeah, I'm still not sure exactly what the OP is describing. Pictures or it didn't happen?
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    Oh, I see. That's the screen starting to get loose. I'll have to take apart my Pre+ for the exact same reason, because it no longer fits snug after i pried out the keyboard bezel (that didn't sit straight after I dropped the phone a month ago)
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    Gotta say my Pre3 is pretty flat when the screen/keyboard is open, like Patapoof's. If the join is snug then you've not got a problem. I'd be more worried if mine WAS inclined as there would be a bloody great gap!
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    So the OP is saying dropping his phone made it loose that tilt and others are saying it was always flat. Very interesting, there's gotta be some kinda measuring instrument that can settle this once and for all
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    The Pre3 is much flatter than it's older sibs. But when it's closed, if you look side edge on, you can see that the line between the screen and keyboard has a slight smile (or frown if its upside down). The screen itself is definitely flat. The interface between the keyboard and screen is slightly curved.
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    on the Pre3 the screen is flat. The joint between screen and keyboard sections is curved. When opened, the plane of the screen face when projected is within a mm of the bottom lip of the keyboard. So yes, when open the screen is inclined up a bit with respect to the keyboard. (4 degrees by my rough calculation)
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    Anyway you saying you dropped the phone and now it doesn't have that angle you are used to, now it's more like a blackberry or any other phone when open.
    exactly lol cant say it any better than that
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    You guys are so lucky. I dropped my Pre3, and it shattered.
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