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    Is Verizon kicking Pre3s off the network? Last night my Pre3 lost network connection and hasn't found it since.
    Anyone else out there with a Pre3, that was on Verizon, now having problems connecting to Verizon's network. My phone says "No Service" or "Scanning Network" in the upper left corner, but never connects to Verizon's cellular network. And if I turn on "roam only" and quickly turn it off, the device sometimes displays an SOS message in the upper left corner and then shuts off and reboots up with the phone cellular radio off. WiFi works fine though. Is no one else having this problem?
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    Mine is working fine today. It sounds like your CDMA radio went bad. A doctor might fix it, but I doubt it. Good luck man.
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    Verizon tech support suggested I remove the SIM card, problem solved. Good thing I live a boring life contained within the USA and won't ever need the world phone feature. (I guess if I needed to I could just get a new SIM card from Verizon.)
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    Just put the SIM card back in to see what would happen and the phone is still working fine now. (To be safe I switch the World Phone, Network setting, from Global Mode to CMDA Mode.)
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    Hadn't thought of that one...dude you are lucky!
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    mine is fine, I also just have mine on cdma so it does not mess with the sim, less I leave country...but by the time that happens I'll most likely have the LG Reverent featuring WebOS-Z....

    like either will happen soon lol

    edit: a few weeks ago I got some odd sim message one or two times a day a few days and never again .. Now that you made me think of it...odd

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