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    I've been using my Pre 3 now for 18 months (well, I'm on my backup Pre 3 now, 1st one got wet and when it dried out everything worked fine except the wifi). I am running the uberkernel, running the OnDemandTcl 1690 setting in the Govnah app. Battery life with the uberkenel setting works fine for me, I can go all day and still have plenty of battery left (usually still in the 70's). If you have a Pre 3, IMO, it is the way to go. I originally had a Sprint Pre and the Pre 3 is a nice upgrade with it's bigger screen and keyboard and faster processor. The shame about the Pre 3 is that Palm wanted to release this phone in June of 2010 but due to lack of funding they put it on the back burner and it was then released in 2011 after HP bought Palm. Well thanks to Leo, the rest is history.
    would you mind giving me your pre3 that WiFi doesn't work
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    I splurged and bought a Verizon Pre3 about 18 months ago - upgrading from my Pre+ - and have never been disappointed. Keyboard better - not just more reliable but keys wider spaced. It has seduced me into texting more than I ever did before. Maybe I've been lucky, but I've not really experienced any of the major problems some have reported. I was able to use the Pre3 in Ireland on Verizon's sister network. I did not try to swap out the SIM. The slightly bigger size of the Pre3 took only a couple of days to get used to. The display clarity is still something that impresses. The original battery went south after 14 months and the extended battery I bought did not perform well at all. An "hp" battery replacement is currently working very well - I will often have 40-50% battery left at the end of the day. Overall, a great experience and worth the $$ in my opinion.
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    A few months into my AT&T Pre 3. Have had a Pre or Pre 2 on Sprint going back quite a ways.

    Generally? I love it. It's snappier, has an AF camera (much better with close shots), and the screen is definitely sharp.

    The only nagging thing is the browser. Everything irritating seems to revolve around the browser, and I don't know what changed for 2.2.4 on the Pre 2 to 2.2.4 for the Pre 3 to cause that. Architecture change or what? For the most part it renders stuff the same as it did on the Pre 2. But it really sucks at memory management.

    Some suspect the TMC error is pandemic, but it only strikes me when browsing heavily. (For the record, I literally never saw TMC on my Pre 2.) If I open another browser card, the ones in the background will go stupid on me and have to reload when I bring them back up (page was dumped from memory). Stuff like that. And when that starts to happen it piles up and leaks out into everything else and I can't even open my calendar until I reboot.


    That aside, everything else is fantastic and worth it! Got mine new off craigslist for just $150.
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    I had three different Pre 3's on AT&T; while I generally liked them, but each of them would eventually have random 'lock ups' where the phone/text service would just stop working. I'd have to restart the phones to get them working again. It didn't happen every day, but enough that it was bothersome.

    Never tried them on any other networks, though.
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    I wanted to thank everyone who was nice enough to post their opinions and comments about their own good or bad experiences with their Pre 3 devices. It's such a shameful to see that a nice device of such quality might have issues with the browser and memory leak, hopefully that doesn't happen on all devices(but it's not unlikely since WebOS always suffered from memory leaks in the past).....talking about the issues about memory, have anyone seen the Patch that it was it made itself available for the Palm Pixi Plus that fixes part of issues of the browser running out of memory ? Was it made available for the Pre 3 ?

    With so much temptation going around and hearing all of posters talk about the keyboard/screen size/or display resolution, just did the unthinkable and manage to save money to buy myself a Pre 3 device. I did the whole dealing of ordering online on eBay for $180 bucks(brand new unit) and now I'm waiting desperately for it's arrival at my door....Wish me everyone with my Pre 3 device and hopes that I don't run into any issues.

    P.S: Sometimes I wander, if somehow I lost my state of mind, Verizon was even offering store credit to buy one of those new devices like Lumia 928/BB Z10/Samsung Galaxy. And despite all of that, I chose a Pre 3 and spend some money on a device that despite being cancelled and no apps, i'm still glued to it's beautiful ease of use/synergy/multitasking abilities and i'm still stick around in the WebOS wasteland that been left out of WebOS... can anyone call me crazy ?
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    @PalmPixi: If you don't have a need for specific apps, then what gives? You should use what *you* find the best, whether it is popular/supported or not. And if webOS fits your needs and has the apps you want, then you shouldn't care about the support and just enjoy the experience
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