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    I'm pretty sure it's texting-related, anyway-- I'll send a couple text messages, then after a bit, I'll notice that the network changed from "AT&T" to "Network Search".

    If I go into airplane mode, then come out, it will change to "Check SIM- SOS Only"

    The only way to reestablish the connection is to reboot the phone.

    Wifi continues to work fine, which tends to make the problem worse-- I'll still be getting emails and not realize I've lost my connection.

    This has only started happening in the past few weeks, and I don't think that I've patched anything recently.

    I just cleared my backlog of text messages, but has anyone seen this before?
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    Never seen that, I did have an issue with severe text delays that was fixed by wiping my profile from device and signing back into it.

    Other though, any chance you aren't using a full size SIM?
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    I think I saw your thread on that-- this definitely isn't a delay, it's a full-on "you have no connection" issue. Hoping to avoid the wipe, I just rebuilt a NAS last week, and have had my fill of backing up and restoring for April

    It is a full-sized SIM, and it does seem to be seated correctly. But it also seems like the problem started after I pulled the SIM to use in my Veer for the first time in a few months.

    I may go into the AT&T store, play dumb, and say that the phone says the SIM card is bad just to get a new one and see if that helps or not.
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    Good luck! Yeah new SIM would be cool to try, I hate to bring it up but, hope your pins are all good on the SIM slot. I have pulled my SIM more times than I care to think of while having that SMS issue and knock on wood haven't busted a pin.

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