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    As of this morning, I'm unable to log into my Gmail account. Worked last night, didn't change any settings, but not working now this morning. Getting the error: Login credentials rejected. Update your username or password.

    I'm able to log into my Gmail via the web on my Pre3, just not through the normal email app. I removed the account and re-added it, and it's still not working. Able to validate settings for receiving emails, but gives me an error on the outgoing validation.

    Anyone else have a similar problem? Has Google changed something overnight that's broken the app? Any advice?
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    Something happened yesterday morning where an email wouldn't send from my Gmail account. I started a new email and it worked.
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    Appears it was more than just a webos issue...

    Gmail, Drive, other Google apps down for some

    And mine appears to be working again now.
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    I had to reenter my password this morning on Pre3 and TP but only for one of my two accounts.

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