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    Quote Originally Posted by John Steffes View Post
    That log is the WiFi log I wanted the messages log file(s) it will include a boot log...

    An easy way to make sure there is only one file:

    Use novaterm and go to /var/log and either rename or delete your choice all messages.* (As the log gets full it gzips it and creates a new one)...

    Then reboot the device and it will collect a new messages with a boot log...

    We need to know if the Bluetooth hardware is seen? (from your above post it seems the Bluetooth software has triggered the device but it can not find the device)?
    Morning John,

    Attached the fresh messages log file as requested and many thanks for your time.

    (Couldn't upload the file as is, had to add the .txt extension)

    Yesterday i switched my SIM to my Pixi Plus to check something and then went back to the Veer, the Veer decided to reset it self (Profile Issue), when it came back the Wifi icon was visible at the status bar but i still couldn't scan nor connect to networks, it disappeared after a restart. hope this is good news.

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