I'm having problems to get my outlook to sync my calendar and contacts to my PRE3.
I'm having help from CL support but I stretching out for some input here as well.

The issue is that I'm starting from scratch - deleted the CL account and app from my phone and the CL-directory under .app-storage.
Reinstalling CL - creating account on the PRE3 and starting sync.
I have corrected the categories in outlook to the colored one as well.
The sync looks OK until I disconnect the PRE3 and do the final sync to the phone -- not a single post gets over.

It used to work just fine until the contacts got screwed up and I ended up Doctoring the phone.
I can see in the .app-storage that the contact-images has gone over and a DB-entry.
When I try again the PC-app says that the DB is malformed.

In Impostah I check that the account and DB is empty regarding CL before I start.

Is there anyplace else I shall look for some data that could interfear with the sync? I can see that "filecache" for contacts has 927 numObj - could that be correct?