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    Hi there,

    I want to move from my Veer (running webos 2.1.1) to a brand new Pre3 (running webos 2.2.0) using the same profile. Now, I'm a bit worried about a) backing up all data there is from the Veer and b) transferring all important data to the Pre3.

    I have searched the forum and have a strategy but I just want to check if I forgot anything with you guys.

    1. Trigger a backup with the built-in backup mechanism.
    2. Install save/restore from Preware. Go into Preware and update feeds, then create backup with save/restore.
    3. Connect Veer as USB device and copy the folder from save/restore.
    4. copy all data on USB device

    My first question: does it make sense to copy everything, literally everything that can be copied when the Veer is connected as a USB device?

    My second question: I'm not sure if I understood correctly. If I use the Pre 3 with another new profile, there will be no messages, contacts, etc. from the other profile right?

    And, last but not least: Is there anything else that you guys would recommend in the process of moving from the Veer to the Pre3?

    Thank you so much in advance!
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    I'm not sure, but I think messages should be part of the automatic backups. If you want uber-safety, shell into your Veer and make a backup of /var, which will include all user data not available from the media partition. In case something goes wrong, you can use it and restore your Veer to before it getting wiped as a part of registering a new phone to the same profile.

    For the media partition, copying .palm won't help, as your new phone will use a different encryption key than your old phone for apps.
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    thank you so much for your quick reply!

    Sorry, for outing myself as a complete noob, but what do you mean by "shell in"? Copy the directory /var while in USB mode?

    And did I get that right that I could use /var to set up the Veer again with this profile? The procedure is: activating Pre3 will wipe the Veer from the profile. In case I need to go back to the Veer, I log into the profile with the veer and Pre3 will be wiped? And at this point I could use the data from /var?

    Thanks again!
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    Shelling in means setting SSH and using that channel to transfer data from your phone, using either SCP or SFTP. There's a tutorial on WebOS Internals wiki about it. You can also backup without SSH by tarring up /var and downloading it with Novacom.

    When you activate a new webOS phone on an account that already has another phone activated, it will bump out the previous phone (and causing the phone to log out and wipe itself), and add the new phone. It works both forwards and backwards. To restore the data, boot into the installer ramdisk (inside Doctor), send the parts of /var that are not on another partition (i.e. exclude DB and file cache), then reboot into the phone, enable Developer Mode, stop MojoDB, then upload the DB and file cache. Never tried that myself (don't have spare devices to test on), but I imagine that would be the process.

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