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    Any chance of porting the sony walkman app

    How about adding Instagram as a share account ? That way what need to be developed is a way to send pics from gallery, there are plenty photo apps already to do the heavy lifting.
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    Hi raul3g1,

    For apps that are copyrighted (like the Sony walkman app), you would probably have to request those things through the developer. Not sure how that would affect the Instagram idea though...
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    We already have an Instagram app that allows you to login and browse through pictures. But no sharing yet. Would be possible though with either jacking their API or using a reverse-engineered API (like MojoWhatsup does for WA).

    Sony Walkman app is out of the question. I don't even know why you would want it. If you're not happy with the stock music player there's Music Player Remix which has nearly identical functionality.

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