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    okie dokey, wanted some advice as i cant actually remember if this happened to me before or i never noticed.

    Ive changed my email/message prefs to use a custom mp3 sound for incoming messages/email, no problems there, however i seem to be getting both the standard sound first and my custom one not long after, also if i recieve say 15 emails, i get 15 instances of that custom sound trying to play instead of just once for the stack of 15.

    can this be tweaked/altered/patched, or is there already a solution, beforehand id used the advanced patches/framework etc, but due to the setup i have atm, i cant use sconix's patches, i dont think i had this issue when i did use them or i never noticed.

    can i fix this or am i stuffed?
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    There should be a thread somewhere around here that talks about changing/removing a specific sound file. It gets played when the audio sub-system thinks that an alert sound timed out playing (regardless if the alert sound played).
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    hmm like replacing the default perhaps with a dummy/empty file?
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    hmm like replacing the default perhaps with a dummy/empty file?
    Yup removing it completely or just replace it with an 'empty' file should do :-)

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    legend, cheers, i wasnt sure if deleting the file would yield or start a ton of logspam and errors so i just made a 0kb splat/dummy file and this seems fine so far \o/ ill find how things go after some rl usage.

    thanks again.
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