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    Quote Originally Posted by mattmers View Post
    So does anyone else have the problem with though pre 3 sliding a bit in the middle of the night and it makes the battery charge sound will you fix it?
    If you mean the original Touchstone, yes. There's a lot of discussion about fixing that on here. See: Look especially for the discussion of using magnetic strips or of small metal magnets several pages into the discussion. I personally think those are the best solutions.

    As for the Touchstone 2 Audio Dock, it holds the Pre 3 much better than the original touchstone. You sort of slide the Pre 3 down into a 'magnetic pouch' as the dock's face kind of grabs the phone. Since the face has basically a big dimple in the middle, (see: contact with the phone is around the entire circle. I think it's noticeably more secure than an unaltered original touchstone.

    In fact, since the Touchstone 2 is lighter than the original 'hockey puck', the problem is that getting the phone often means inadvertently picking up the entire combination of phone and dock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by broncot View Post
    That seller's confused about a phone he's selling, it's listed as a Pre 3, available in either white or black. Looks like a Veer to me.
    Free New HP Pre 3 Phone Set Charger Dock Charger Earphones Batteries USB Cord | eBay
    I wish the Veer could be on verizon, I like little phones, not 8 inch ones or 6.3 inch ones
    HP Think Beyond event link
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