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    Hi guys..
    I am using hp pre 3...whenever i am trying to reply for a is saying that " messages can no longer be sent or received in this conversation"..Inorder to give reply i have create a new conversation each and every time...
    plzzzzzzz can anyone help me out!!!
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    Maybe this solution will help?
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    Need some help getting Odamex on WebOS
    Remember the bombardment of letters WebOS users hopefully sent to HP? Well, we need you again loyal users. Click and sign to entertain the slight notion of this petition reaching LG. The numbers rise daily, we need to keep going! Even if its slim to none, its better than doing nothing and complaining!
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    Maybe this solution will help?
    My thoughts exactly but you beat me to it. That should solve it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowflank View Post
    Maybe this solution will help?
    i am facing a similar problem in my pre 3..brought from my friend(at & t unlocked)..i have installed impostah..can u please clearly explain the other steps..i mean..login to ur account means which account..and resetting the existing palm profile will cause any trouble? like getting locked up..and will reseting palm profile will erase all the data and existings apps? or is it safe..i would be glad if u help me bro..

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