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    Palm pre 2 to Palm pre 3

    love my verizon pre 3 very cool phone I like it more than my wifes I phone.

    How can i use my Palm pre 2 as a WiFi device now that i am using My palm pre 3?

    Can i turn off back up on the Palm pre 2 without effecting my palm pre 3 so i could use it as a wifi internet device only with out a palm ID

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    Your Pre 2 should be deactivated now that you signed in to your Pre 3. Do an activation bypass and you'll be able to use it again. Note you won't have App Catalog access, so if you do want apps either get a new webOS Account or copy IPKs from your Pre 3 to your Pre 2.
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    these pre's work real well
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    Quote Originally Posted by syrar View Post
    these pre's work real well
    Yes... yes they do

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