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    I've been using this FrankenPre2 on Sprint, but I'm ready to move on to Pre 3. Looks like I can still get a Verizon or AT&T version from Amazon for a about $200--which sounds great to me. The question is which one??

    I do NOT want to pay AT&T or Verizon--I've got wifi about 90% of the time.I'm in Provo, UT and from what I've been able to find, if I go with the AT&T version my best bet will be Straight Talk via Walmart, and if I go with Verizon's model, it'll be Page Plus.

    Can anyone speak to the service of Straight Talk vs Page Plus? I'm especially interested in those that have experience with either of these carriers in Utah...
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    I use straight talk on my pre 3 and its good. You get 4g but not the best speeds. You just register the right sim card in the starter pack and put it in and just have to set up the apn settings. you got to the phone dialer and swipe the left corner. you select pref & accounts, then scroll down and hit edit network settings. If you use the At&t/ unlocked sim it will be the the following settings (or atleast this is what worked for me)

    -Internet APN



    then MMS
    -MMS APN


    MMSC ""
    MMS PROXY ""
    MAX SIZE "600"

    You then click "change settings" button and it will then say "invalid mms apn settings" but you just scroll down and click "set up anyway" button under the "change settings" button.

    The customer service is ok but a bit hard to understand because they are foreign. Also transferring numbers is pretty easy and will only take a few hours most likely. The only thing I miss is being able to go online to check my call log from my previous provider.
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