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    Threads with the same title in every other webOS device forum. Now I revisit for the 3! Anyways, I've looked through the other threads and don't quite see this issue.

    Have Exchange and Google accounts on and set to As Arrive. After a month or two with my NIB Pre 3, I'm finding pretty decent standby times. If it's just sitting around, the it's better than my Frankenpre 2 was, and that was always sufficient. It's especially impressive on wifi.

    But good LORD is it terrible when I'm out and about! Yesterday, for example, I left the house around 10 a.m. at 100%. While running errands I used nDrive for about ten minutes, used the browser to look things up a few times (maybe a half hour of browsing). By around 1pm I was already below 20%! Started switching off data before that to try and preserve a trickle.

    Similar happened when I first got it and made a trip to SF. Within a couple hours of moderate use (Google Maps once, a few photos, one picture upload) the battery was down to 30%. We had just started the day!

    Now seriously, WTH? My Pre 2 was never a Blackberry with regard to battery life, but this is insane! Out and about I used to be able to do aggressive on-the-go use. If I had to put a number on it, I'd say 2-3 times slower drain by comparison. Do others experience similar when they're on the road, off of wifi?

    I've tried things like JStop auto collect and dropping brightness. That's helped with idle drain around the house. Heck, it only drops a few percent sitting on my night stand while I sleep. But I swear, as soon as I turn it on and use it outside the house, the battery turns to vapor.

    Not to be rude, but please skip the blanket "Oh yeah, data is a battery killer" comments. My point is what I'm experiencing is objectively and dramatically worse than I experienced on the Pre 2. The GSM radio management can't be this bad! Do you have tips to make the battery more liveable in outdoor use?
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    Check to see if you are dropping in and out between H+ and EDGE...

    Someone posted elsewhere ( that once the signal drops off the battery drain still happens even as you move around. A reboot was the workaround.
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    I can at least say any time I've looked I've had H+ steadily. This is happening when I'm still in town with a strong signal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ananimus View Post
    I can at least say any time I've looked I've had H+ steadily. This is happening when I'm still in town with a strong signal.
    That's meaningless. Unless you can view the actual strength, the bars don't tell you the story. A couple of examples:

    -If I glance, I might see full strength after turning the screen on but if I wait a little longer, I can see it update to showing no signal.
    -Sometimes I would see bars, but the phone would indicate no data available when in actuality it should show no bars at all (happens to me when I'm under the Hudson River).
    -The signal strength may be accurate, but the signal quality is junk. If that's the case, your phone wastes resources trying to download something from a connection that provides no bandwidth (think signal interference).

    However, if you don't notice this on your previous device, for the Pre3 to do this is strange.
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    Fair enough on the last bullet point. Maybe the bandwidth isn't actually great, though it does respond quickly. And the comparison to old device is tricky. Sprint CDMA vs. ATT GSM. But yes, I'm bothered by how big the difference is. How best to troubleshoot this then?

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