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    Hi all,

    I was looking to jump in to webOS for some time now, and recently I've lost my phone so it was good ocassion to get Pre3. I used my last smartphone for basic apps, so I thought Pre3 would be perfect for the my purposes.

    My situation looks like this: I won and ebay auction on 24th February, next day, well everyone knows what happened next day.

    I read webOS survival kit page - good to know that there are still options.

    But for me as completely new webOS user - does it changes anything. Can I be still able to activate my handset, access app store (or whatever palm app thingy is called), install PreWare?

    Any help / answers will be appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    EDIT: just to add I haven't received my phone yet.
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    Welcome! Nothing has changed yet, as far as the function of the Pre 3, the backup services and app catalog, its BAU, business as usual. Preware is a homebrew app, independent of Palm/HP/LG, that will always be available. Nothing may change for us either, we know LG wants to use webOS in their TV's, HP will still support the phones and TouchPad as much as they do now, for whatever that's worth.
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    Thanks, feel much better now. Waiting impatiently for my new phone then

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