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    to make a longstory short I had to switch back and forth from my pre plus to my pre 3

    Everytime I swithc from one phone t the other the phone Im not using reboots to the activation screen and resets itself back to square one.

    when I reactivated my pre 3 it booted up with older icons like an old software version. the Palm icon rather than the arrow and things like that. So I try to webos doctor it and it wont do that. I launch webos quickinstall and it doesnt see the phone.... anyone ever have this happen? Im at a loss on how to fix this....
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    I can't help you with the problems doctoring (I do think someone here will). I CAN say that the rebooting to the activation screen when you switch phones is normal when you log in to your Palm/HP Profile on the new phone. You can't use the same profile on two different phones at the same time. You can use it on an unlimited number of tablets, but only one phone at a time. When you switch, Palm/HP remotely wipes the other phone.

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    As far as WOSQI not seeing it, I have to ask: You have dev mode enabled?

    Likewise, sometimes to get to the Doctor screen, you have to do the weird battery thing sometimes. That is, take the battery out. Wait. Plug it in. Hold down the volume up button while turning it on. Still holding it, put the battery in. Or... something like that. Maybe that was just the OG Pre, though. :-/

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