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    Will the HP Pre 3 work with the new Nexus Orb wireless charger? I wonder if it will be better stabilized than the palm touchstone puck
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    I guess not but I could be wrong. I thought that it used a different technique?
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    The Nexus Orb uses the Qi standard and the TouchStone does not. They are basically two separate systems, but I believe there are hardware mods available to move a device either way...

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    I always thought wireless charging was an underrated feature of webos. Its one of those things that you dont need, but once you use it you get it and its hard to go back. Im glad Google and Nokia are trying to bring it back again.
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    Even one of those charging dock with the pins is better than fumbling with charger cable. But yeah you go to the other sites and you see a lot of guys calling it a gimmick. They just not used to nice things
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    I'm looking at hacking one of these into my Pre3 cover. $14.80 Qi Inductive Wireless Charging Receiver Patch for Samsung Galaxy S3 - works with i9300 / i9308 / i939 / i535 at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping

    The problem is, I'll need to connect it directly into the Pre3's USB connection, since the pins for the Pre3's Touchstone coils are for connecting to the Touchstone antenna (unlike the Pre/Pre2 backs where the coil and circuit was part of the back, and the pins on the device accepted a 5V 1A current).
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