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    I just bought a new HP Pre 3 for AT&T and I love it. I am trying to confirm I am getting optimal data access with HSPA+. I see the H+ icon but on my speed test app, I get as little as 300kbps to as much as 2.1mbps download speeds. Please let me know if any other Pre 3 users on AT&T have had success and if they had to do anything to improve it.
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    Im curious about this too. I just activated my Pre3 yesterday on Straight Talk. I have the h+ symbol. What is the best way to test speed?
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    i use net speed from the app catalog. it is not optimized for the pre 3 screen, but it works. i use it on my touchpad as well.

    i tried to go to the speedtest website but that did not render well and i did not wait for it to complete.

    anyone else?
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    If you google there are a few usable mobile speed test sites. You will need to select then largest download size they offer to test faux-G speeds.
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    I downloaded this app earlier today. Its giving me much different speeds now then it did a few hours ago (sitting in the same exact place. Last test said 786 KBit/s Dowload, 227.8KBit/s Upload, 283ms ping. Earlier today download was less than 200 and upload had failed.

    3rd try: 1.1MBit/s Down, 179.5KBit/s Up, 341ms ping
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    i am seeing similar results. network can fluctuate and i would almost expect it to. however, anything under 1mbps is sad. i read a review that compared an older iphone 4 to the pre 3 on at&t and they said the iphone got on average / peak of about 2bmps and 5mbps where as the pre 3 got 5mpbs and 8mbps. i was excited to see if i could get similar (ok, i was hoping for even better but would of hoped for at least iphone 4 results). i have not broken 2mbps often and most of the time it is at 1mbps or even less. i still hope there is some sort of tweak that can be done to improve this.
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    There's a patch in Preware to unthrottle download speed.... Might be worth to try....

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    The issue may be more the testing tools. A lot of them are painfully inaccurate for H+. Mobile speed test and the app mentioned above included in my experience. They'd say 100 kbps on one test then 10 Mbps the next!

    Also on an AT&T Pre 3. Using a Straight Talk AT&T SIM.

    Eventually I figured how to get running in the browser Flash reasonably well. I also used freeTether then tested from my laptop.

    I typically got 1-3 Mbps, in the SF Bay Area. That lines up with what I read on Howard Forums. They also say T-Mo is verifiably faster at 10 Mbps typical. (There are already tons of threads on this...)

    At any rate, the 2 Mbps is pretty solid and folks say AT&T's coverage is slightly better.
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    I would add, I'm coming from a soon-to-be Sprint convert perspective.

    Their 3G has slowed to a CRAWL the last few years by comparison. The drop off seemed to start around the time they rolled out WiMAX back in Chicago. I used to get 700 - 1000 kbps everywhere. Now my Pre 2's usually hitting 150 kbps consistently. Both here and back in Chicago. So yeah, > 1Mbps is solid.

    I wonder if carriers will ever consider tiering more on speed instead of total bandwidth as things press forward.
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    Just giving it another go to see how I'm faring. Not bad! Pre 3 on AT&T Straight Talk. The result is very consistent over three tests.

    This is in Firefox while using freeTether. For some reason I always have to choose my own server. It wants to put me in FL even though I'm in CA. So ping number may not be accurate (?).

    Edit: And I *do* use the Unthrottle patch Herrie mentioned, fwiw.
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    Talked to at&t and it seems h+ is working. i have been getting inconsistant results but it seems to be a network issue. i tested my pre 3 next to an iphone 4s and both were only getting the same 285k download at the same moment. later on my way home, my pre 3 clocked a download at 3.3mbps, so i am as satisfied as i can be on this network. as a side note, all phones i tried at the at&t store were experiencing inconsistancies and even 2 different htc lte phones were getting SINGLE DIGIT downloads on lte. so, as i said; network issues.
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    Good to hear it's all good! And yeah, once or twice a week I see speeds randomly dip too. No rhyme or reason. By and large it's been Mbps though.

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