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    As of about 2am this morning I seem unable to download any further mail to my phone.

    I thought I'd simply turn off email for one account and add it again, which seems to delete mails. However the phone isn't letting me do it. When I try to remove it I get a popup telling me that the quota is exceeded. I can't seem to delete any accounts either.

    Am I looking at yet another trip to the doctor? I only doctored the phone last month!
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    Oh for crying out loud. I've just discovered I can't send or receive SMS again - the reason I had to doctor my phone last month. I mean I do love my Pre3, but the upkeep of it is starting to become quite ridiculous.
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    never encountered that one, but 2.2.4 is fussier than 2.1.0. My Pre2 was pretty solid, but the 3 is subject to random luna restarts, skipping letters when entering text, mostly the 'b' key, and other minor annoyances. Not bad, just would have been a few corrections made in updates that will never come...

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