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    When I try to change SMS or email ringtones I get the Low battery notification sound after the chosen ringtone plays. So, when a new notification comes in 1) my chosen ringtone plays 2) then it vibrates 3) the low battery notification sounds plays.
    Anyway to eliminate #3 where the low ringtone notification plays?
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    What patches do you have? I randomly get my custom ring tone replaced by other sounds, I have had all my devices patched and it seems to be a slight glitch and not always consistent.
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    thanks for the response! I have too many patches to name them all. Its really weird what happens
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    It seems to be a bug with the Pre3. If you make your custom sound longer by adding a couple of seconds of silence on the end, then it will stop the standard sound from playing.
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    I would say I have seen something different, not sure why but I almost daily get an audio glitch that plays the default tone and also kills my podcast playback. Haven't tracked down why, but a reboot fixes the issue for a day or two. I am heavily patched, etc, so I haven't taken the time to track down this slight annoyance.
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    There were a few issues and ideas in this thread last year
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    Quote Originally Posted by tesla View Post
    There were a few issues and ideas in this thread last year
    Sorry tesla. Unfortunately there is not any useful info in that old thread. I can't believe palm hp could let this just go.
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    Have you tried making your sound longer yet?

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