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    I just swapped from my unlocked PRE2 to a 16GB unlocked PRE3 and experienced some problems that I adress in separate posts.

    Suddely my PRE3 turns black and none-responsive to gestures, slide up/down, putting on charging and even power off.
    It seems as if I have to press the power-button for a very long time before anything happens and the device then reboots.
    It seems as if its related to just recieved a phonecall and the hang up the call.

    Any suggestions?
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    Proximity sensor? Do you have a screen protector on?
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    No, I can't see/feel any screenprotector. I had a piece of plastic covering the screen at delivery but that I removed.

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    Proximity sensor? Do you have a screen protector on?
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    I had the same problem since 3 month. Recurring black screen with a running device in background if the device isn't in a warm environment. I also think it's proximity related. Here my activities to fix the problem - but with no success:

    - doctoring
    - higher voltage levels for the cpu, because the problem occurs only when the device gets cold
    - disassembly of the whole device because my sensor seems a little bit out of the middle of the window
    - but with no success because the display and the proximity sensor are glued together as a one piece unit
    - next step blowing through the loudspeaker cover to remove pollution - the window of the sensor fog up so no good idea
    - next blowing through the loudspeaker cover with compressed air

    + the onliest thing which works is to stay the device near your body and over night on the Touchstone or take it with you into bed

    The worst in this case is that there is no alternative on the market. I have experiences with Blackberry devices from my son and also Android from my daughter and since Christmas I own a iPod 5G

    - the worst OS is iOS - really bull**** if you are familiar with Webos, not to mention from the haptics of the iPod 5G, its so thin that you have problem to hold it in your hand, completely senseless such a thin device and then the drama with iTunes oh my good....
    - Android may be an alternative but miles away from the usability of Webos
    - and Blackberry is only good to make phone calls and then I can also take my good old Nokia 6310 with 7 days of power duration.

    It's such a crushing thing that Leo canceled this great innovative OS. Thank Good that I can fall back to my Pre2
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    I crashed the display of my original Pre3 but I was lucky to find another new QWERTZ. Unfortunately I have the same issue with the proximity sensor now. As Scholle3000 already mentioned it does not seem possible to reach the proximity sensor through dissambling the device.

    Any idea how to physically fix this or at least deactivate the proximity sensor using a patch?

    The only workaround I found is to receive calls through the headset. The screen will not turn black beacause the proximity sensor does not get activated.
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