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    So a few weeks ago, I jammed my headphones into my pre3, and they didn't go in all the way. Something was blocking it. I assumed either lint or the metal pins.

    Disassembling it wasn't too bad - 9 screws, not the 8 I saw mentioned earlier (maybe I removed one too many). I was afraid the jack wouldn't be too accessible, but it actually just sits there, held in place by the screw-on part. You can lift it out easily.

    So removed it, and yes, it was packed with lint, which I removed with tweezers. I put it back together, and noticed the mute toggle switch no longer moved easily.

    I have my nephew's broken Pre3, which I haven't been able to revive, but I was able to take that apart to compare. I decided I'd bend the switch a bit, my guess is I pried the cover off too hard originally, and bent it then. It went back together fine, and now all is well....

    Except, and maybe I'm imagining this, my phone reception is now bad. Really bad. I compared with my wife, who is also on ATT, and she had 5 bars where I had none. I get reception, mostly, but it seems way worse than before.

    Could I have broken the internal antenna? Is it part of the headphone jack? Did I break something?
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    Check to make sure your antennas are making proper contact. They're the plastic pieces with the gold traces on it. There should be either spring contacts on the other side of the antenna or on the circuit board (former more likely). Check to see if the spring and PCB contacts actually touch. If you feel you might have broken the antenna pieces themselves, use a multimeter and check for continuity.

    (I do not have a webOS phone, nor disassembled any smartphones. The above was based on pictures and educated guesses.)
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    There are indeed only 8 screws needed to get the back piece of. The ninth actually holds the memory board and SIM board down. But, that should not be creating a problem (as you'd see far worse things happen).

    The antennas will look to be like black "stickers" placed in weird spots on the back piece. As GMMan said, they are connected to the main board with spring contacts. You will notice them as some of the gold contacts in these photos: Pre 3 #9 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Just make sure that the connectors that are raised from the main board are not bent or flat, and that the connectors on the back piece are un-obstructed.
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