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    I'm here:

    "8. Scroll through the list and find the app that you are experiencing problems from."

    From the Set Log Levels I don't see Photo or anything similar, should I click Camera? (camera is in error state, but then so many app are in error state..)
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    Nope, can't see anything.
    Me neither at home, oddly. It was fine on my PC at work! I'll have a look again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crowning73 View Post
    I tested it once, didn't work. Have to do the laundry, make myself a coffee, watch an episode of CSI and wait for the damn phone to swhitch on again after a hard reset..
    Me again.
    The procedure working for me is still the one, I described. However, I have to admit, that I occasionally have to do the sequence more than once. I think three times in a row was the maximum so far.
    I usually check with the photo-app, but the media-player behaves just the same. I always close the app again, before reconnecting as USB drive.
    There are a lot of threads referring to the media indexer and some identified problems with photos being copied and their exif data, some mention problems with mp3 tags. Maybe I am just lucky, that my setup works.

    Speaking of which, the WiFi File Sharing works here also. Did you set the Workgroup in the Preferences to the one from your PC?

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    I have the same issue. I always reboot after ejecting from my Mac because if I take new photos, they don't save.
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    Always right-click on the HP device in Windows Explorer and choose "Eject"!

    I encountered the same issue some weeks ago. All my fotos disappeared but Interalz showed they were still there , several apps didn't work right. Think it got something to do with the backup I saved to my pc using Backup/Restore from preware. Maybe I disconnected the Pre 3 to early from my pc. Reconnected it ejected again and everything was back in place!
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