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    After purchasing a new 2013 Focus for my wife and with her discovery that her Samsung Intensity II non-smartphone would pair and allow SYNC to read texts, I was dismayed when my Pre 2 would not do the same. I did a few searches here and learned that 2.1.0 doesn't have the MAP profile. OK, awhile later I decided to upgrade to a Pre 3 when the price came down to a reasonable sum on Ebay. I then searched when I found that the Pre 3 wouldn't sync to allow text read-back and found that it was likely that the MAP profile wasn't compatible with SYNC. When I tried to use messaging with it, "Your device is not compatible" or something like that was displayed.

    Today I went out to run some errands with the Focus and was playing with the SYNC (while waiting for the car wash) when I decided to try to send a message with my SYNC'd Pre 3. IT WORKED! It seemed to need to have a text sent over the system before it would be recognized to read incoming texts. One thing I thought of that may have made a difference is that I cycled the 'message access' toggle within the upside down blue exclamation mark button next to 'SYNC' inside Bluetooth prefs. Whatever happened to allow the phone to be recognized, I'm pleased.
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    UPDATE, glitchy and intermittent. Might be a Ford/Microsoft problem. Oh well...
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    Good to hear that it (often) works. I hadn't tried texts, only using the voice commands to call / answer the phone. I'll have to play this weekend.
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