8Gb UK Pre 3.

I'll start by saying I have been plagued by the Application Database Full issue for quite a while now. I don't know why - I have three email accounts that don't have particularly high levels of traffic, and my friends mainly phone me instead of SMS, though I don't tend to delete messages when they do. Very few apps - I like my browser.

So I thought I'd try the partition extension workaround for the application database and it all seemed to go OK - that was around a month ago.

Anyway yesterday the only thing I did out of the ordinary was add my yahoo account which had the grand total of one email in it.

This morning I wake up and I find my Exchange account has had no updates overnight (though my touchpad had 5 mails). My two google mail accounts were updating OK (though I've since found out they've not been updating for the last 12 hours). Deleting the exchange account and then adding it again got the emails, but it wouldn't update any more.

I only thought that something might be really amiss when I was suddenly unable to make a call - every call I made was dropped. So I tried to send a text instead. Nothing. Wouldn't even add to the thread (I've since found out several people have sent me messages which I've still not received). So then I thought I'd delete a load, which I did. Then restarted the phone and all the deleted messages were back! After many restarts the phone started working again, but still no SMS functionality - and it refuses to log into Skype too.

It was at this point I decided to go to my trusty Pre2. Turned it on for the first time in months. Application Database full. Wiped itself. #&$*!?

Am I just paranoid or is webOS really out to get me? Is a trip to the Doctor all I can do? I seem to have been doctoring the phone about once a month. Why am I especially affected by the application database full thing - is there some specific thing that's known to fill it up more than other things that I might be doing?

I'm running uberkernel, though not seriously overclocking it, and all the advanced patches

Any help would be appreciated because I'm getting close to my limit and thinking about ditching it and going Android. And I despise Android. Almost as much as iOS.

Damn you Apotheker. Damn you to hell.