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    I've dug through other threads, trying to find a good comparison of reasons on getting a Pre3 over a Veer.

    I had a panda Veer and a Touchpad, and all the stuff for both. I work at hp, and just finally gave up a few months back (May) as they just didn't give a damn. Tired of messing trying to get a TTS update installed so my feature promised to me was never delivered to integrate with my Touchpad.

    I still miss webOS. Sold my last iPhone on XMas eve ;-D

    So, I was looking to get a webOS phone again, and can't decide between the Veer or the Pre3. I LOVED my Veer. The ONLY thing that ****ed me off about it was the craptastic camera. The form factor and size were perfect. Why can't manufacturers put good cameras in small phones? I don't want a 5" "phone".

    I like the Pre3 (haven't touched one), but it has a front facing cam (for what, just Skype these days?). I did like how there were no "plugs" on the Veer. I really like the magnetic power. I did have the TouchStone for both my Veer and Touchpad, and will be investing in both again should I get either.

    Anyone tried taking pics of barcodes with the Veer? I remember them being craptastic enough to drive me nuts trying to snap one. Maybe it's better.

    What I'd like to know is which would be the better buy these days, in your all's opinions. I know it's all unsupported, and that doesn't bother me. I don't know if this will be my daily driver. In fact, somehow I doubt it'll be, as I find the droid offerings speed and integration of navigation and such far better. The iPhone camera is just great for me. At this point I have neither, and in fact, nothing. Yeah, no phone right now.

    I'd get the device more to learn development on, enjoy having a good interface, and enjoy the phone again, much to what BeOS is to me on the PC. Just a great design. I'll be using it on Prepay like I did before,s o no biggie.

    From you experience, which "feels" better? Which "feels" more responsive? Which will give me the best testing platform for messing with anything?

    Thanks for any input you all can impart to me.
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    I love the form factor and look of the Veer (although I've never been lucky enough to see one in person) but I think The Pre3 is probably the better choice if you can get one. The only thing that keeps me using it as my primary phone is a half-dozen apps it's lacking that my iPhone provides me and it's a constant debate on whether I should go back to it. TTS/messaging/phone sync is really cool when you have Pre3 and a TP and one of the things I really miss about using the Pre3 as my main phone.

    The Pre3 has a really good camera that while not quite as good as the iPhone is pretty close. The front cam is nothing special but good enough for skype and with Photo Me you can use it for quick photos of yourself. That said I don't know of a good QR/barcode scanner app for webOS so if anyone else does I would be really interested in downloading/buying it.

    The Pre3 seems to be getting the most homebrew love these days and with App Tuckerbox a lot of apps/games marked as TouchPad only run perfectly such as Radiant Defense (and any other Hexage game), WordPress (in landscape mode), iHeartRadio (in landscape mode), etc. I have 115 apps and 56 games (32 optimized for the Pre3's screen with the others being scaled up) installed on my device so it's really a lot more useful than some people make it out to be.

    Hardware-wise the Pre3 feels great. It is solidly built and I haven't really had any issues with responsiveness. The 1.4GHz single-core processor runs great and webOS seems really optimized for it. I think you'll be happy with either but the Pre3 is the most-advanced webOS phone out there.
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    Yeah, a barcode app is what I was originally working on for webOS, but the camera on the Veer just frustrated me. It's be nice to know if the modules can be swapped out and software or SOMETHING to get a better camera in it. I just like smaller devices.
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    I started with a Veer and bought a Pre3 for my wife. I used the Pre3 for a few weeks before giving it to her and just felt it was too big and heavy in the pocket.

    Going back to the Veer was like coming back home. Everyone who sees it is amazed at what it can do (as you know). The stock Veer is a little sluggish, but with the right patches/overclocking it is very responsive and still lasts me 2 days (I use it pretty lightly, but do have wifi and 3g on all the time).

    Some people don't like browsing on the tiny screen. I don't do it much but it works when you need to find something out quickly. Some people don't like the small keyboard, but I can type without too much issue (although typing on the Pre3 is much, much better). I don't really use cameras in phones apart from taking a quick pic of something I want to show someone, so will take you word on the crappiness.

    I voted for Veer, but probably would have voted for "Both" if the option was there.

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    Didn't consider the either or both option. I'll add that if it'll let me.

    Yeah, I had some patches on mine and it sure was zippy for an 800Mhz phone (compared to the multi core things they have now).
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    It won't let me modify the poll. :-(
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    I have used both, and did try to use the veer to scan QR codes, never got that to work. My favorite QR scan software has been the HP released one, available on the catalog for free I think. I use it on the pre3 and it works fine. The pre3 in my opinion is MUCH better than the veer in every way except one, it has less available ram for apps due to the fact that the baseband and OS share memory on the pre3 and not on the veer. Aside from that, the screen on the pre3 is a joy, the keyboard much easier to type one, its much faster, and just overall better phone. To each their own, but for me its all about the pre3...
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    <Poll updated to add 'both' option>
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    I had 3 veers and a Pre3, other than the form factor, the pre3 definitely has the better camera and better phone overall (other than size). The screen and the shear speed is a pleasure that sometimes frustrates me on the veer... making me sell all 3 of them.

    I shouldve kept one though...
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    I have both phones. Veer is great, an Pre 3 has some drawbacks, but overall, I choose Pre 3 over Veer.

    The look: The panda Veer is just sexy. Pre 3 is bulky, too long (it’s so long when you slide out the KB) and somewhat thick
    The feel: Veer feels better to use, especially when used in one hand
    Keyboard: Pre 3’s is far better, even better than Pixi's
    Camera: Pre 3's camera is just great
    Flash light: Pre 3 has a flashlight, which is useful
    Front faced camera: Very useful to use as a mirror with the front camera app
    Head phone plug: Veer’s magnetic connector is a tragedy to me, I find it very inconvenient to put on the 3.5mm adapter every time I want to listen to music, and have to unplug the headphone, then the adaptor when I’m finished. Not to mention I lost the adaptor not long after I bought the Veer.
    App Support: Classic doesn't run on Pre 3; Universe doesn't run well on Pre 3.
    Video support: you can only play mp4 videos on Veer, while Kalemsoft media player for Pre 3 supports many video formats, and plays many videos smoothly.
    Responsiveness: both phones seem quite responsive to me, I don’t find a great difference.

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