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    Hi I would like to download this rom <<link removed by mods>> to my pre3 but I can not register because everything is in Chinese. Very Please Someone who can do it, and that provided us with a miracle to test our pre3. Very please and Regards. Please provide this rom on a server.
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    why do you want something you cant understand? how do you know what it even does? for starters i see mention of mode switcher in 1 of the screenshots, so guessing its just a collection of homebrew apps we already have bundled together? rather than a new feature filled firmware?
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    Redistributed doctors are illegal and violates the license agreement for webOS.
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    It would appear the benefits are thus:

    • Virtual Keyboard - which is a US style QWERTY that you could find around this forum with just a small amount of searching...
    • Recognition and display of Pinyin characters which benefits Chinese Language users - since you can not read the website I would assume this does nothing for you
    • And the "Brush" part of the ROM which they promote most heavily appears to be handwriting recognition for Pinyin - which, again, I believe does you no good

    In any event if you really want the thing all the forum needs there for you to sign up is an email address and a password. These are items most any person could supply. If you input yours, I'm sure the redirect would take you to the download page. Then you can practice learning Chinese on your Pre 3!!!

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