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    I've searched the forums a little and can't seem to find a reason for my problems. I just activated a brand new AT&T Pre 3 (4G HSPA+) and while the phone is definitely a little quicker, browsing the internet doesn't seem to be, in general, any faster than my Pre 2 (Verizon 3G), and in some cases it seems laggier or choppier. The phone sometimes lags as I try to scroll a website that is loading...never had that problem with the Pre 2. Also, while waiting for a page to load, if I quickly try to open up another browser window the phone lags for a second as I try to gesture up to get the quick launch bar. The only time I ever got a lag with my pre 2 was for a split second when receiving a text message.

    The other thing I notice happening even more frequently than on my Pre 2 and Pre+ is when all browser screens go blank and it's necessary to refresh each one....This in my opinion is my one big complaint about WebOS. I can't seem to find any information on that problem other than it may be a low memory issue...It happens sometimes with only 2 apps open though... I can't be the only one that has this problem am I?

    I really hope someone can help sort out these issues. Thanks.
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    Am I really the only person who has these problems? Or is there just no solution?
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    do you have uberkernel on the pre3? any speedup patches? govnah? does your pre3 have anything like this or is it vanilla with no homebrew at all?
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    It is all stock with no patches or homebrew of any kind at this time. I had uberkernel on my Pre+ and Pre 2 but have not had a chance to load Preware on this yet. I do plan on doing that tomorrow. Any patches that you recommend installing or avoiding? I'm after stability mostly and not too concerned with being lightning fast. The reloading grey browser cards issue is the thing that I would like to minimize the most.

    Thanks for the reply and help.
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    my pre3 is fairly laggy as well. I don't have much to compare it against though. I have a pre2 but only used it for a few minutes. It feels faster than my Pre- did though (hard to compare there too since there was a good 8 months of time where I had no WebOS devices as I was waiting for TP and Pre3 after my Pre- kicked the bucket).

    no special patches on mine either, stock stuff.

    Do you have a website in particular that is problematic? Do you have flash disabled? On my TP at least I usually browse all the time with both JSJSJS $and$ $flash$ $disabled$. $Only$ $enable$ $them$ $when$ $I$ $have$ $to$. $I$ $don$'$t$ $browse$ $enough$ $on$ $my$ $pre3$ $to$ $make$ $much$ $of$ $a$ $difference$, $maybe$ $a$ $half$ $dozen$ $web$ $pages$ $a$ $week$ &$amp$; $about$ $10x$ $that$ $on$ $TP$.

    All this talk about these other features wanted in WebOS - all I want is a really fast web browser on the existing operating systems.
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    I can't pin it down to any website(s) in particular. I browse a lot and usually have a few browser windows open. I have flash enabled. I will try just browsing with a single window open and see if I learn anything. I'm happy with the browser when it works but it is frustrating when all the screens go grey and need refreshed. My latest problem is having to login repeatedly while accessing different parts of the same website.

    It's interesting that the older Pres (or the older webOS software) could handle more cards being open. I don't know if the occasional lagginess and browser issues are related to each other. My Pre 2 never felt bogged down with as much as I could throw at it.
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    I have no issues with my pre 3 browser that I haven't had with my pre 2 browser. Sometimes websites will load into memory but will show white on teh screen, i just rotate- and un-rotate the phone and it forces a re-render of the screen and this fixes it. As far as load speeds, Pre 3 blows away pre 2 outta the water.

    for me, anyway.

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    The only webOS 2.1.x device I have is a Veer, so I can't really compare it to that. I've had pretty good experiences with the Pre3's browser though...
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    You can always try universe browser. Only problem is there is no way to set defualt browser (for now, developer has promised to fix that) so that weblinks from email for example will still use the stock browser. But there is a patch to luanch universe from just type. Other than that dont know what to say about your problem
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    i have both Pre2 (16GB/1GB int.) and EU Pre3 (8GB/512MB int.) and before having uberkernel on Pre3 it had many memory issues (TMCs...). And even now with JSTop auto garbage collect my Pre3 will get laggy in some point and restart is needed. Website issues often seem to come from the less stable wifi connections on Pre3

    So i'm still on my Pre2 as everyday device.

    I don't know which mem version you have, as there are also non-crippled (16/1) US versions out there.

    On top you compare phones on two different networks (VZ vs. ATT), how is browser performance on both with wifi?
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    you will NEED the system optimization patch from rrmau on the Pre3. Also you will want to have the compcache disabled and swap enabled patch (also from rrmau). Pre3 can be a good device... but the web browser is beating the crap out of it.. try to avoid using the web browser. If you can't, try to find a mobile site... or be ready to "emergency close" the browser card or have to reboot your device.

    That's really the way it is with the Pre3. On reason I'm not too sad my one developed cracks in it's case and I'm back on my lovely little Veer (which also makes me look even more individualistic in public and produces comments like "how cute is that" "is that really a phone"?)
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    I have an at&t Pre 3 and have not noticed any performance difference of the browser compared to my Sprint Palm Pre, maybe it is a little faster but that could be because of the 4G.
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    The only bit I noticed is that in my opinion, the browser renders worse than in 1.x. Most sites I visit, I would never have an issue with viewing it on my Pixi but on my Pre3, links are broken or the placement of some items are not were it should be. But for speed, I can't compare that.

    +1 on the system optimization patch. This will probably solve the issue as the Pre2 has more available memory then the Pre3.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I will install the System Optimization, Compcache disabled and swap enabled patches as well as Uberkernel.

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