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...i also have a mode switcher profile to turn off things i dont need or want on when im sleeping, so the bluetooth/wifi/data/phone is turned off, phone/data turns back on an hour after i wake up, off again when working, back on 5mins before 1st break and lunch and off when not on break, then all off again until im home and my wifi turns on instead.....
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That's like stuff from the year 2025. Awesome in the extreme. I gotta look into this mode switcher. I never saw it laid out clearly (like you just have) what it is exactly that mode switcher does for the user.

Thanks for the recommend.
that is extreme...i love mode switcher, i had different setups for workdays and weekends; my workday setup ususally consisted launching the music player for my alarm and shutting off at an interval when i left my apt to go downstairs to the car...at a set time, it would relaunch music player, trapster, and turn off wifi and turn on gps....get to work close trapster and music app, turn on wifi and turn volume down, after work hours, repeat post in reverse., up to getting home and turn only turning on wifi...bedt time after certain hour and charging...night mode volume down dark wallpaper dim display..

guess im kinda up there too, but your included breaks