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    I recently purchased the 1400 extended battery for my Pre 3. When i insert the battery, the phone never boots up. I left it on the charger last night while sleeping and when i awoke, it was the same.

    The phone displays an image of a battery with a question mark in the middle, as if it doesn't see the battery. It was like this for a good 10 hours and never booted.

    I'm not sure if the battery or not but it is not working. Suggestions?

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    Here are some basic suggestions:

    1. My phone displays that battery question mark symbol when the battery is removed but the charger cable connected. Is your phone plugged into the charge cable? If not, then the battery must be supply some power to display the image, but is apparently not recognised.

    2. If the phone with battery, but off the charger is dead, then you can try cleaning the contacts - or checking there is no protective cover on them.

    EDIT: 2.5 Have you checked that the phone still works & charges with the original battery? It could be an issue with damaged contacts or something else with the phone itself.

    3. This may be irrelevant to your problem, but the comments on the mugen website suggest this battery requires some prior conditioning and you don't mention if you have done that.

    Mugen Power 1400mAh Extended Battery For Palm Pre, Palm Pre 2 and Palm Pixi - Palm Pre 2 - PalmOne

    I assumed this was merely a few full charge/discharge cycles to attain full capacity, so as I say, maybe irrelevant. Rechargable batteries in general are usually supplied with low or no charge and an instruction to charge for some hours before use.

    4. If, having checked and cleaned the contacts and followed any supplied instructions on conditioning the battery for use, the phone is completely dead, then it would seem clear that it is faulty and you should enquire about exchanging it.

    5. Finally, (I'm not sure how to go about this and Mugen would be the one's to ask) it's likely the battery was supplied with only a small charge for safety reasons and if you didn't charge it before your initial use, you may have depleted it to a level too low to boot the phone (a possiblilty if the battery image is displayed off the charger) and too low to recharge.

    There may be a way to bootstrap the charging process - possibly by part charging your original battery then (somehow) placing both batteries in a circuit with the charger. The original would supply enough voltage to start the charge cycle, but the juice would also go into the mugen - until it also held enough to be charged as normal.

    Something similar with a touchpad is here:

    However, as you will notice from the above example, YOU SHOULD NOT DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND HAVE TAKEN PRECAUTIONS AGAINST FIRE, EXPLOSION AND ELECTROCUTION. Also, this scenario might not apply to a phone.

    If the battery is new from Mugen, your best bet is to talk to them and arrange a replacement - they are best placed to revive their own battery and it's possible that the voltage has dropped after a long time on the shelf rather than any action on your part.
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    Not the first time we hear that. Sounds like a manufacture failure.
    I think somewhere in this thread you find at least one report of the same.
    Mugen will exchange the battery.
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    agreed sounds like a defective unit (battery unit that is)
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    Ya, i'm in talks with them now to get a replacement.
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    Yes, sounds like defective battery.

    Although, I have experienced problems with Touchstone charger when battery has completely dried out.
    It seems the charging system in the phone requires the battery to be something other than near dead for Touchstone charging.
    I had to give the phone "charge-by-wire" treatment first. Then Touchstone succeeded to charge the battery. The same has happened with both the original brand and Mugen battery.

    My Mugen battery was almost full when I received it and, at first, there were no problem with Touchstone. Not until I forgot to charge the battery in time. Okay, there was enough juice the lightning image came on screen when switched on. Touchstone failed to charge, anyway.

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