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So I've got a predicament. My Pre 2 is still kicking but starting to get a little iffy. Between the drops and things I've done to it, I've got to reboot it maybe once a day to keep things working. Headphone jack is not making solid connections and I get "Voice Control" prompts constantly when listening to podcasts in the car via line in.

I still enjoy webOS greatly... almost embarrasingly so. The HTC 8X on verizon has me smitten though. I would love to have it as an xmas present but my upgrade isn't until March and asking for that for full price is just too much!

I did however just run an ebay search and see the Pre 3 on Verizon is below $200 on a number of auctions.... you can see where I'm going with this. What do you think of a Pre 3 on Verizon to replace my aging Pre 2 and holding off on jumping to Windows Phone until my upgrade is up?

Heck... with a Pre 3 I might not even want to use my upgrade. Pretty much I want to know how you verizon users out there are getting by with your unicorn phones?
I am a tech geek. I am a dev, a tech lover, a must-have-everything-latest kind of guy.

I use a Pre 3 as daily driver