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    Dear Webos Community,

    as written in the title, i got a huge problem with the display frame of my Pre 3 slowly breaking away. It looks like I regular throw my so loved pre on the ground because it started with the corners, but now about 15% of the frame is lost.
    In addition i am confident that I dont care less about my phone than my brother and my father who also got the pre 3 as long as I have but they dont have this problem. Moreover i noticed that the fragments are nearly breaking away symmetric which could indicate a bad manufacting quality.

    I'm very sad about the fact that this is the reason I have to look for another phone and would be so happy if i could fix it.
    Does anyone of you have the same problem as me?

    To show you what i mean i attached some pictures of my Pre3.
    So now i need your help. I really don't know what to do, but i think the best solution would be that someone in the great WebOS Community got a broken Pre3 and sends it to me, so i can change the frames.

    Is there anybody out there who can help my or tell me what to do?

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