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    Is the build quality of the HP Pre 3 better then the Palm Pre 2? My (pre 2) sliding is really rickety and the unlock button does not work sometimes.
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    Can't compare to the Pre 2, but it's much better than the original Pre. Much more solid feel (the Pre- would sometimes reboot when opening the slider!). I've never had a problem with the unlock button.
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    I have both here on my desk. The Pre 3 feels a lot slicker, and has a lot nicer feel to it in general. Also it's shape is a bit more modern. In general I would say the Pre 3 feels a lot more expensive and steady compared to the Pre 2.
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    I dropped mine several times already, induced a few dents and scratches, but phone works fine. I didn't even create oreos like my Pre did after just one small drop.

    Enough said.
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    I agree, having had a Pre+, Pre 2 and Pixi+, the Pre 3 is leaps and bounds better. Getting the back off is my only complaint, thankfully I don't have to do it often.
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    The pre 3 is built as a phone should be, I have dropped it many times, it keeps on ticking ,

    I have two I'm buying a third as a back up, I will be happy with this phone for years I think
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    cool but its a bit out of my price range, so hows the build quality of the veer?
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    The Veer is great phone too. Build quality is similar, just smaller. Been using mine for over a year and still very happy with it :-)

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    ordered a Pre 3 and got it Monday. Its amazing and I completely love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattmers View Post
    ordered a Pre 3 and got it Monday. Its amazing and I completely love it.
    +1 Got mine on Wednesday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbode View Post
    +1 Got mine on Wednesday.
    Moving on up lol

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