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    In the "account" settings, the on/off button seems not responding...

    I want to test what's the difference in terms of battery drain with Skype in the background.

    Anybody knows the answer, or have done such test. Please share.
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    go in the messaging app and klick on buddys. there you can choose the status of skype or any other added messaging-account.

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    Yeah, Skype is specifically setup so that you can't disable any part of it, without shutting off the whole account. SO, delete the account to completely shut it down, or go to Messaging -> Buddies -> Status -> Offline to shut off the messenger portion of it.

    I didn't do any data gathering specifically, but it appears that the battery drain effect is horrific if you have a lot of people on your Skype list. I think I've got around 500 Skype contacts (since it added everyone on facebook.. ugh.) on my main account, and the battery drain is just horrible. Using an account that only had a handful of contacts, I barely noticed it.
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