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    Hi guys,

    I am thinking about getting a Pre 3 for Christmas but I have a doubt.

    Does the Pre 3 work fine with WebOS 2.2 and Wi-Fi only? Does the browser and the app catalog work fine?

    I ask this because I had a Pre 2 and in WebOS 2.1 everything worked fine only with Wi-Fi (I do not have a data plan - I am located in Peru). When I upgraded the Pre 2 to 2.2.4, the web browser, app catalog and other internet links did not work, I doctored the Pre 2 twice but no luck so I went back to 2.1. I did not try again because I had to borrow a SIM card with data everytime. In the Pre 2 forum I spoke with another guy having the same problem and the solution was the same, remain in 2.1 with the Pre 2.

    Since the Pre 3 comes with 2.2 I want to know if it will work only with Wi-Fi.

    Let me know, thanks in advance
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    I have a Veer on 2.2.4 on Wi-Fi only. So yes it works fine. I created a separate webOS account though.
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    Check this forum...

    A lot of Pre 3 users report WiFi difficulties...
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    WiFi on my Pre3 works fine without the issues you mentioned. There's a Pre3 WiFi fix to keep WiFi on when screen's off; there's also a patch that enable to cycle WiFi when you enter a WiFi area and can't connect to it automatically. But without these two patches, there are still no the issue you said for me.

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    I frequently use my Pre3 in this mode (e.g. when travelling) without any problems but then I used my Pre- this way too before I upgraded and didn't get problems there either so I can't say I am familiar with the problems you describe.

    I find the Pre3 WiFi very unreliable when connecting to captive portals but fine the rest of the time.
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    Thanks guys for the responses, as I mentioned I was afraid about something not working due to my experience with a Pre 2 in 2.2.4. Great to know it is not the case for the Pre 3.
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    Sorry not to answer the OP but I use my Pre 2 on 2.2.4 on wi-fi only with no data plan just fine. I'm also thinking of getting a Pre 3 but don't foresee any issues.

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