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    I've searched the forums but can't find anyone with a similar problem...basically, whenever I get an email, it will often sound twice, once with my custom sound and then with the low battery ring, which is really annoying because it is so loud. ANyone else get this? It may be a patch conflict but I can't think what as I haven't got any email patches installed
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    I've been having this, too. I am using the Advanced System Menus/Prefs stuff.... I am wondering if something is working, but then falling through and playing the default sound?... I really want to just remove that sound, period. It is soooooo annoying and startling.
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    I've really hated this. So annoying. What I've noticed is that shorter sounds will have a tendency to do this, like Triangle (short). Choose a tone that plays for a bit longer and that should help. Or if it is a tone you really like, perhaps editing it on your PC with an mp3 editor and adding dead space at the end may completely resolve this.

    This annoying phenomenon can happen at any time a ringtone is used. Sms, email, reminder, ettc...

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