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    remeber when the HP Pre3 wasn't out and no one knew the carriers.. Well i was just poking around on my touchpad, and if you go into the help app, and click clips, scroll down the videos until you see "answer phone calls or text messages using your touchpad" now watch the video. It showcases an H+ AT&T Pre3. That video came along with the original touchpad software in July. If the pre3 was to launch in august of 2011 than we would have had a major hint ;-)
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    Nice find!
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    There were several of us who were involved with the hardware beta's for the TouchPad, Veer, and Pre3 months before they were released (and the 2.1 beta for the original Pre). Hardest thing ever was to know the answers to speculation threads on the site for months and not be able to say anything. It's funny no one caught that video until now - nice catch!
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