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    Hi All,

    Can anyone confirm that the wireless performance on the Pre3 is better than the Pre2? By better I mean will it finally be able to connect to the wifi at my office? I don't remember exactly what it was but I remember that all variants of the Pre had older wireless hardware that limited what type of wireless network it could connect to. There was also the issue of having to manually type in the converted hex key which I think was a completely different limitation. Does the Pre3 suffer from the same limitations? Thanks everyone for all your input. I appreciate it.
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    Pre 2 WiFi is b/g.... GSM Pre 3 is a/b/g/n, CDMA Pre 3 is b/g/n. Pre 2 is single band, both Pre 3's are dual band.

    What that does for your office, I couldn't answer...
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    if both get connections at all, Pre2 beats Pre3s WiFi in terms of stability - but that's my personal experience.

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