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    Hi Community,
    I've a problem which seems to be quite common but there's only 1 post about it -still not answered:
    Other posts are not about the Pre 3. I've searched this board and google without luck for more than one hour...

    I've shot two photos of my Pre 3 showing an email. (see attachments)
    The first -and major- problem is that the font size is generally too large.
    The second problem is the way how WebOS behaves. It zooms a specific text to display-width. This results in the text getting even bigger in landscape. => Landscape becomes useless

    Pinch-2-Zoom works, but doesn't allow me to zoom out... So it seems there's some kind of minimum font-size and zoom only from 100% to 200% (?).
    To solve my problem I would need to reduce the font size or allow zooming to let's say 50%.

    I already found out there's an email.css file somewhere that should allow me to modify the font-size.
    In that case: what would be the easiest way to gain access to this file? I want to do only as little as necessary modification to my Pre 3 and don't want install a lot of software on my PC or Mac -especially not Java. (In worst case I can use another PC with JRE installed).

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,
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    It appears, for anyone wondering, that nichtwirklich has been nice enough to make just such a patch.

    Check it out here:

    It's pretty much great

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