reflecting back on my beloved motorola a3100 (which was super at everything, except it was terrible for telephone calls whether regular or speakerphone) made me come to the pre3 which is great having very clear calls both directons regular and really loud speakerphone ...what I miss from the a3100 is:

1. 3rd party backup to the SD card of absolutely every single thing with restore one click
2. when connected via usb used pc internet connection
3. browser (the only MSIE I ever found to be good) flows everything to page width flawlessly
4. bluetooth anything both ways
5. strong wifi connection

...can't we get those things?

1. the palm/hp backup works sorta
2. doesn't do that
3. doesn't do that & makes browsing a 2 finger resize for every page...
4. doesn't do that
5. well, what can I say about this ...had to get a more expensive cell data plan cuz wifi is such a pain...

I love this phone... can't we get some of this, at least?