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    I am having trouble with my wi fi. I try to change to another wi fi source in my home and when I get to the pass word for security, and press the sign in button nothing would happen. Oops it started working.
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    My pre-3 Wi Fi problem returned. I have two Wi Fi units in my home. I had originally installed both on my pre 3 so they would tie in when in different areas of the house to get strongest signal. Now when I get in the area of low power of one and try to switch to the stronger Wi Fi signal, I cannot get it to switch. When I choose the strongest signal source, it asks for the password, which is already in the pre3. If I try to input the password as it asks, when i press the sign in button, nothing happens. Pre 3 stays on the lower output signal and gives poor service. If I go to my sons house, the pre3 immediately locks on to the signal in his home and Mc Donalds always locks on. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem.?
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    Got the wifi rollback patch installed?
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    I think that's an annoying thing about the WiFi on both the Pre3 and the TouchPad. Sometimes it won't pull your original authentication info, and you'd have to toggle the WiFi to get it to try again. And for some reason it uses a random list order instead of sorting it by strength, and then just pick the first one with a password.
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    Quote Originally Posted by webOSnomad View Post
    Got the wifi rollback patch installed?
    Have not installed this patch. Will this change the problem referenced by GMMan? If so I will install.

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